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Maruti Courier Charges: Guide to Shipping Smarter

sahil bajaj

Sahil Bajaj

Senior Specialist - Marketing @ Shiprocket

November 20, 2023

8 min read

Ram Mokariya was an entrepreneur who started Maruti Couriers about 35 years ago with a dream and vision. Today, his dream has turned into reality, and you can see the fruits of his labour. With his incredible efforts, today, Maruti Couriers is very well recognised, has an excellent reputation and has slowly become a leading national partner in India’s courier and logistics channel. It has over 2600 centres in the country. 

Today, Maruti Couriers is known as Shree Maruti Integrated Logistics Limited and is one of the most recommended and highly trusted logistics partners keen on delivering packages and smiles nationwide. Maruti has headquarters in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, while its zonal offices are in Mumbai, Maharashtra. They have gained a strong reputation for being reliable, trustworthy and exceptional customer service. 

Let’s dive into this step-by-step guide for Maruti Courier charges. 

Maruti Courier Charges

Maruti Courier: A Reliable Service Provider

Shree Maruti Integrated Logistics offers the best mail, courier and delivery services nationwide. They have certainly made their place in the logistics industry with their reliability, speed, commitment and efficiency. They recently have integrated the latest state-of-the-art technology into their workflows to provide affordable solutions to all their customers. Hence, they now have no limitations concerning the weight, quantity and size of the package that needs to be shipped. 

Over the years, Maruti Couriers have gained an outstanding reputation for delivering large packages. They also offer fast and reliable tracking facilities, making this their specialisation. They have simplified their work processes through everyday work and experiences by adding special care to the delivery and collection systems. Thus, it minimises the efforts needed by customers. 

Maruti Couriers is one of the leading companies in the Asia-Pacific region and has a very intricate network encompassing over 2600 locations while having an approximate radius of about 22 countries in the world. 

What Makes Maruti Couriers so Reliable?

Here are a few factors that make Maruti so popular and reliable in the Asia-Pacific region:

  • The integration of all the latest technology and tools to enable effective order placement, payment options and tracking services for customer ease.
  • Deliveries through aircraft dedicated for the purpose with proven capability.
  • An intricate and vast network of people and places ensures maximum reach.
  • Optimum placement of warehouses and storage facilities nationwide to have a very efficient distribution network.
  • Introduction of both B2C and B2B options for eCommerce businesses.
  • Ability to provide warranty registrations for all operations.
  • Strict adherence to all necessary compliance standards and being holders of the ISO 9001-2008 certification.

Services Offered by Maruti Couriers

Maruti Couriers offers several helpful services to make your logistics work easier. Here is a list of their services:

  • Fulfillment centers

Maruti Couriers has employed and integrated all logistic processes with the latest technology. They provide third party services by giving their customers third-party warehouse facilities and handling all their perspiration and shipping. Irrespective of the size of the business, their fulfillment centers take the complete burden and responsibility of the shipping process, enabling the customer to focus on their core businesses. 

  • Micro-fulfillment centers

With Marti’s micro-fulfillment services and centers, small businesses can provide customised solutions to their customers. Such solutions are very compact and efficient and can cater to small-scale logistic requirements with high standards of operational excellence. 

  • Warehouse management solutions

Maruti has an excellent warehouse management system that allows clients to eliminate this burden and focus on their core business goals. They help you with all your storage and inventory management needs while giving you affordable places close to your consumers to house your inventory. Hence, your delivery costs are streamlined.

  • Hyperlocal deliveries and eCommerce deliveries

Maruti provides the opportunity for local businesses to grow with their hyperlocal services. They offer lightning-fast delivery options to deliver packages quickly, eliminating the need for long waits. Any local offline business can connect with target buyers using hyperlocal services. They also provide services to eCommerce platforms by providing an array of logistics services. They take care of inventory management and distribution using simple API-integrated solutions. They also have extremely efficient tracking solutions that allow your consumers to monitor their shipments.

  • Domestic delivery

All your domestic time-sensitive delivery needs can easily be met with Maruti’s domestic delivery services. All packages weighing less than 50 kilograms will reach their consumer’s doorstep as swiftly and securely as possible. They provide door-to-door deliveries to over 15000 locations with cost-effective solutions, and if time is genuinely a major concern, they also offer air services to meet your needs.

  • Travel-free services

To keep up with today’s fast-paced world, Maruti offers a service that allows its passengers to travel safely without carrying their bags. They provide doorstep services via air and surface to deliver your luggage on time. It helps travellers to have a heavy, weight-free journey, making their travel experiences more comfortable and enjoyable.

  • International delivery services

Maruti possesses a vast and well-connected network. Their reach has also allowed them to provide their customers with international delivery options. They take care of all inbound and outbound customer requirements by securely providing them with a dynamic range of services and products. 

Understanding Maruti Courier Charges

Shree Maruti Couriers have a well-defined parcel charge protocol. The costs for the delivery parcels are associated with the type of services requested and the pickup delivery destinations. The package’s weight and volume are also considered while determining the cost. 

The package’s volumetric weight is calculated based on the shipment’s actual weight to understand which is heavier. Based on what is heavier, the charges are calculated and levied.   

Step-by-Step Guide to Calculating Maruti Courier Charges

Here is a general guide that will give you an idea of how Maruti Couriers calculate charges for a parcel to be delivered:

  • Weight of the package: The weight of the package is measured using an accurate scale. Ensuring that the unit in which the package is measured is vital while determining the price of the parcel. 
  • The dimensions of the package: The length, breadth, and height are measured to determine its volumetric weight. This is generally done in inches or centimetres based on the parcel size. Maruti compares the volumetric weight calculated from these measured dimensions with the actual weight to determine its cost. 
  • Location of the delivery destination: The distance between the pickup and delivery spots is directly proportional to the delivery cost. The greater the distance, the more the cost of shipping.
  • Selection of the service employed: The type of service, like same-day delivery, domestic, international, express shipping, standard shipping, etc., all factor into the shipping cost. Every service has its own cost associated with it. Contacting Maruti Couriers for their rate card will give you a clearer understanding of the probable overall cost.
  • Additional services: Adding extra options, including insurance, tracking, fragile shipping and handling, etc., will also factor into the overall cost. These are optional choices that any client can choose to ensure safe and secure delivery of their parcels. 
  • Shipment finalisation: After a brief understanding of the overall costs, you can confirm your shipment booking with Maruti Couriers. Today, this does not require a visit to the local office, and it can all be done virtually. 


Maruti Couriers might have started as a small company, but it has slowly grown into one of the most reliable agencies today. Today, they are one of the most consumer-centric companies, offering a hassle-free and seamless customer experience. They have a simple and effective method to calculate the price of shipping packages. Their strict quality protocols ensure that your parcels are delivered without any damage. They ensure maximum consumer satisfaction as their motto is to deliver things to bring a smile. Their state-of-the-art technology helps track and find parcels more easily, adding to the value of their services. With their large network, they are certainly one of the most reliable delivery agents in the market.

Will I be charged the same amount for sending parcels to all locations?

No. Location is the primary factor in determining the courier charges you’ll pay. The farther the location, the higher the courier charges you’ll pay.

Is insurance included in the courier charges?

No, insurance is not always a part of the courier charges. Some courier services offer basic insurance coverage as part of the standard courier charges, while other services offer insurance as an add-on feature at an additional price.

Is there a difference between standard and express courier charges?

Yes. You pay standard courier charges for regular courier services that take longer to deliver your parcel. Express courier charges are higher than standard charges and are paid for quick deliveries.

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