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Types of eCommerce FAQs You Must Include on Your Online Store

Rashmi Sharma

Specialist Content Marketing @ Shiprocket

September 29, 2021

6 min read

The “frequently asked questions” or FAQs are included on eCommerce websites to allow questions to be asked, answered, and updated regularly. 

When a customer asks you a question, you need to make sure that you answer the questions clearly. You should also connect with your customers and show them the true value of your business and brand.

“Frequently asked questions” on an eCommerce website talk about some of the most important elements such as returns, shipping, and making online payments. The information you’re giving on this page needs to be relevant, current, and address the customers’ queries.

Tips to Design Your eCommerce FAQ Page

The main purpose of a FAQ page is to answer customer queries in a simple and quick way that also boosts your business. Here are ways to create a FAQ page for your online store:

Make Your FAQs Simple & Concise 

Before writing the FAQ page, you must figure out the right set of questions you need to answer. You need to stop adding too much information to the answers that overwhelm customers rather than helping them. The best way to answer the right questions is to identify the top questions asked by your customers time and time again. Write down a list of questions when creating your FAQ page. In short, keep a close watch for relevant questions that tend to be popular in searches.

And remember that you should get right to the point. Make your answer look simple and as concise as possible. Always look through your competitor’s FAQ page, you’ll notice that their answers are straightforward and have concise information. By doing so you keep things easy which adds to a much more pleasant user experience. 

Categorize Your FAQ Questions

Your FAQ section should not be overwhelmed with content. It requires to have a drop-down feature to show or hide the answer. You can categorize your questions in eCommerce categories such as online return, shipping, order status, international shipping, payment issues, and more. In addition, ask if the information provided in your FAQ was useful or not. 

Try to gather some feedback from your customers to improve the information. 

Adding links to blogs and web pages that serve the main purposes helps shoppers in finding answers to their questions.

Relevant links make more sense to a person who is looking for a particular page or service on your website. Rather than including irrelevant answers that often make no sense isn’t beneficial from an SEO standpoint. By adding relevant internal links helps search engines figure out the main purpose of your content. 

You can include a link to your website homepage under the section, “What does our company do and benefit of contacting us?” Just don’t add to the pages that look unnatural, we recommend inserting links wherever it makes sense.

Consider Adding Images & Videos 

Rather than just using text, try to include images, screenshots, and videos wherever necessary for most answers. Adding in a few images and screenshots can be really helpful for answering on the FAQ page.

Include a step-by-step series of images and videos that walks shoppers through the ordering and payment process. It will help them choose a product according to its features, size, and so on. It is basically a way to visually present your answer which makes the ordering process much easier and is certainly worth considering.

Keep Your FAQ Section Updated 

You need to update the FAQ section of your website regularly to keep your customers informed. Having outdated information on your website can lead to a bad impression on your customers or a loss of profits. This can also keep your support team in a situation where they might not be able to solve the issues of customers. 

Hence, it’s essential to update your FAQ page regularly every 3-6 months and ensure it’s aligned with your operational guidelines. 

Finalize the Design of the FAQ Page

It is your choice how do you want your FAQ page to look like on your eCommerce store. You can make it more design-based rather than making it text-based. You can also add a section where your customers can place their questions or feedback. All these things should be designed with the help of professional designers right from the start.

Let’s begin with the type of FAQ questions-

Types of eCommerce FAQs to Include on Your Site

Once you decide how to design, you must know what questions need to be included in your FAQ list. So, here are the common FAQ questions for the eCommerce online store you need to cover-

The eCommerce FAQ questions should cover everything related to your brand, your products, payment policy, return policy, order cancellation policy, and more. The questions that are general to every customer buying any product from your eCommerce store, need to be added in the section. Add questions related to privacy policies, shipping, return, and delivery policies

How can someone contact a seller or a brand? Add questions related to your brand value. Is the brand experienced to fulfill orders? Where is your contact address? These types of questions about eCommerce brand policies are recommended to include in your FAQ list.

Add questions related to your products. For example, you can include a question related to size fitting. Or a question about the color combination? What is the type of this product? All the frequently asked questions that talk about your product must be covered. Another set of questions should be related to ordering or how do I place an order? How do I cancel my order? When will my order be accepted? 

Ask questions related to shipping. For example, in how many days, the shipping takes place? Which shipping companies have you partnered with? Cover all such questions in the shipping section. The FAQ questions also need to be covered for payment methods. For instance, do you accept credit card/debit card payments? Can I use the PayPal account to make a payment? When will I get my refunds back? These FAQ questions need to be added to your eCommerce store.

Final Words

To create the perfect eCommerce FAQ page, make sure that your questions are relevant, straightforward, and match the need of your shoppers. You can also add relevant images, internal links, CTA to the FAQ section to take the advantage of SEO link-building opportunities.

If you have any questions, contact the Shiprocket team. We aim to give business owners and marketers the easiest experience for creating an online store and managing orders and shipping with the advanced and automated shipping solution.

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