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How to Define Your Brand’s Identity With An About Us Page?

Rashmi Sharma

Specialist Content Marketing @ Shiprocket

December 10, 2020

7 min read

The ‘About Us’ page is one of the most visited pages of every eCommerce website. If you want to know about a company, it is probably the first page you look for on a website.

Therefore, one of the first impressions of your brand you can make on a potential consumer is an ‘About Us’ page. It is one of the best pages of a website that you can personalize and get creative with.

But consider this, an About Us page design isn’t about your brand, it is also about why a customer should invest in your brand. It’s about what unique services you’re offering to solve your customer’s problem. And in the world of eCommerce, it presents a great opportunity to promote brand values. 

What Is an About Us Page?

An About Us page gives your customers insight into your brand values and beliefs, why customers should choose you, and how you started your brand and the people behind it. An About Us page is crucial when building brand identity in the online marketplace. On average, customers that visit your website look for an About Us page than just about any other page on your website. 

People are curious about your brand and love knowing more about the brand itself. An About Us page fulfill all these thirsts. So it’s crucial to create an About Us page that attracts the curiosity of your potential customers. It also defines your brand image to affirm precisely the way you want your brand to be perceived by the word.

How to Ensure Your About Us Page Reflects Your Brand Identity?

The ‘About Us’ page can be made up of amazing elements that are the most important things to your brand. If you’re not sure where and how to start, we are giving here a few suggestions for the About Us Page. But remember that depending on your industry specifics, there may be more things that you can add to assert your brand’s identity. 

Tell About Your Brand 

Your brand image is what makes you unique. There is no other brand story quite like yours, so it’s essential that you can use storytelling by including important events of your brand’s history. Important events in your brand’s story include when you had the idea of your brand, your success story, your first 100 sales, etc. 

You can pinpoint the pieces of content that best define your company’s philosophy. This is a way of standing out from your competitors. Demonstrate your expertise by looking back over previous achievements. Use them as an About Us template when you construct your web page content in the future.

Tell About the Unique Value Proposition

The first thing customers will look for in an eCommerce store is the brand’s unique selling point. What makes it different? Find your brand’s unique selling point and include it on the About Us page. For example, if your unique selling point is 24×7 customer service, focus on why you have a lenient policy for customer service, and explain why that’s important to your brand.

Identifying your brand’s unique value proposition can be challenging if you didn’t start your business having it in mind. You can consult marketing agencies and digital experts to define how your brand is different and why customers should care about it.

Let Customers Know Where Your Business is Based

By mentioning who your team is and where your business is based, you would be surprised to learn it can further build trust with people of that area. Tell in your About Us page who had your business idea in the very beginning, how it is doing now, what kind of people work with you. If someone is looking for a service, they want to know where your offices are; or work from that location? 

This may be the most specific information to include in your About Us page design; an office address will work. Or you can add a map showing your office locations.

Show Your Company’s Team Strength

In a world where the brand image is as prevalent as it is, transparency in showing your founder’s photos is necessary rather than an option on the About Us page. Consumers want to know the insides of a company more than anything. Embrace this opportunity, and show it off on your About Us page. Take a handful of photos of your founders and employees that can be enough to give curious customers a look into the inner workings of your company.

People will immediately start to look at the founders’ faces and didn’t even notice the product you’re offering. This is the most fundamental part of an About Us page. With a nice balance of graphics/photos and text, you can make sure that your About Us page is attractive and compelling. Also, look at the page’s flow, whether it is scrolling through the sub-pages within your “About Us” section or not. By adding this aesthetic to your About Us page, you can make sure of your website’s perfect representation.

Keep Your About Us Page Updated

The well-written About Us page only works if you’re willing to put in the effort regularly. Consistency and content quality are the keys to building an awesome About Us page. Keep your About Us page updated every three months or so.

You can do a lot more things on the page; for example, you may put a video on your page, or add the images of your product or put a contact form on there, too. It is also good for the brand image that you can measure through regular testing and assessment.

If you’re updating About Us page content once every few months, then you can provide enough coverage for your brand. On the other hand, it is also important for consumer engagement and personalization. So, don’t forget to update it every once in a while, as an outdated page shows neglect, and as a result, impacts your brand identity.

Characteristics of About Us Page

Clear Facts

When your customers read the information on your About Us page, they should not read repetitive things they have already read about on the homepage. It won’t interest them. About Us page is like your resume. It tells about you – who you are and what you are capable of.

You should also not brag your yourself or your brand. Instead, choose a straightforward approach. Talk about the benefits your customers will get from your product or services. Talk in numbers. Saying your product improves productivity is less persuasive than saying your product improves productivity by 25%.

Inspire Them & Gain Trust

Tell your customers the number of years you have been in business and how you have created history. Before today’s eCommerce business, people trusted and were comfortable doing business only after meeting people in person or talking to the sales manager. But in today’s time, transactions are made online without meeting each other. However, an About Us page can communicate about you and your company’s services.

Target Group

While you prepare an About Us page, you must consider who is going to read the page. Visualize what they need and want. Targeting different demographics require a different approach. Whether you are writing for a new mom, an IT professional, or a high school student, every reader needs a different approach.

Engaging Content

Once readers know what your business is like, readers want to know about you – the real human. Instead of a corporate-speak copy, they like a conversational copy. An informal and friendly copy for your About Us page helps catch readers’ interests. Be honest about yourself and your products. Talk passionately. A humorous copy will be better than a formal copy.

Final Words

We hope you have enjoyed reading these points, and ideas for creating a good ‘About Us’ page. Check out your website’s About Us page and make the little changes that make it really stand out.

All ‘About Us’ pages are designed differently to suit business requirements. There are no strict rules to define your brand’s identity with the About Us page, just remember to spend time and don’t ignore the importance of this page.

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