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10 Christmas Advertisement Ideas 2024 to Grow Your Sales

sahil bajaj

Sahil Bajaj

Senior Specialist - Marketing @ Shiprocket

November 30, 2023

9 min read

The end-of-the-year season is filled with joy and happiness. Christmas is a big part of this and it amps up all the sales. Business owners begin looking for ways to engage with their customers through different new marketing strategies to maximize their profits through improved sales. People shopping for gifts is one of the most profit-generating activities for eCommerce or retailers during the holiday season. Every business owner sets up new goals and targets to achieve profit. 

In a survey carried out by Rakuten Insight in November 2022, it was revealed that approximately 72% of individuals aged 35 to 44 in India had intentions to engage in holiday shopping. Additionally, around 31% of respondents aged 16 to 24 in the country expressed plans to shop during the holiday seasons. Through some creative, engaging, and relevant marketing advertising ideas, you can easily grab the attention of your target customers from different age groups. It will give your brand greater visibility, resulting in more sales and profits. The Indian eCommerce sector is expecting a better festive season than last year with over 20% sales growth, led by the D2C segment’s anticipated 40% QoQ (Quarter on Quarter) surge.

Let’s explore some of the most effective Christmas ad ideas for your brand.

‘Tis the Season to Elevate Your Sales

Advertising Campaign Ideas to Try This Christmas 

In 2022, the week leading up to Christmas witnessed a 41% increase in eCommerce sales compared to the pre-Diwali week and an impressive 84% surge compared to the average sales of a typical week.

Marketing ideas are extremely crucial during the seasons of peak sales. You need to create relevant and engaging content to bring in more people and improve sales. Here is a list of Christmas advert ideas to promote your business and attract more customers:

  • Sprucing up your social media pages with Christmas-themed content: 

Social media is crucial as it brings a tremendous amount of traction during the festive season. According to the 2023 Deloitte holiday retail survey, 56% of people check social media handles during holidays to discover new products and services. Hence, making season-oriented social media content is one way to go. You should also update your brand’s logo with some holiday theme to support the season’s joy and spread the holiday enthusiasm. 

You can also create unique product and season-related hashtags and include these in all your posts to gain more visibility. You can also begin a pledge to donate a specific sum to a charity. This helps you engage with the community and build your brand’s reputation in a good light.

  • Loyalty and a strong voice: 

The Christmas spirit is all about spreading joy and happiness and you can help by spreading some joy and love to your customers by using a special customer-oriented appreciation campaign. You can give your favorite customers special discounts, gift coupons, offer free shipping, or even give them early access to the latest products. 

To add a relatable personal touch, you can also include personalized thank-you notes to engage with them. Your primary goal for engagement and relatability should be to show your appreciation, love, and support to your favorite customers. This will help you reinforce their loyalty to your brand.

  • Christmas season special holiday live events: 

You can gain more traction during the holiday season by hosting either a live or virtual holiday-based event. Through the “live” feature available on social media, you can keep things organic and host engaging and entertaining events. Moreover, you can even host product launches, virtual Christmas parties, special giveaways, workshops, and interactive sessions that help in celebrating the season’s joy. 

During the Christmas season, the southern region tends to see a higher number of promotions and price reductions. This region plays a significant role, accounting for 30% to 40% of the overall sales in the industry.

For instance, in case you are a business that sells baked goods for the holiday season, you could host a cupcake decoration or cookie-baking workshop to engage with your customers. Moreover, you can also give them special combos and discounts to keep them happy and spread joy.

  • Team up with local micro-influencers and collaborators:

Another path that you can take to enhance your Christmas advertising campaigns is by collaborating with different businesses. This way, your products will have greater reach and visibility. Moreover, you can also work with popular micro-influencers to publicize your products or sales and events during the Christmas season. The key here is to search for other businesses and influencers who share the same values and image that your brand represents. That way, you will reach the right type of target audience. 

Producing eye-catching content or stuff that keeps your customers hooked can help influence your sales. Influencer marketing is one of the best ways to amp up sales and reach out to larger customer bases to get a good return on your investments. 66% of consumers say that their purchasing decisions are often influenced by influencers.

  • Offer your customers special rewards:

Give your customer recognition for the best Instagrammable moments to buyers who visit your store. Most customers today prefer buying their gifts from brick-and-mortar shops. For instance, you can create some photo walls that can trigger nostalgia, interactive displays to be visually engaging, and holiday-themed props like hair bands and glasses to keep the selfie booth more engaging.

It can also help your customers post about your store online and help you gain more publicity. You can also add holiday-relevant decorations to keep up the Christmas spirit. It enables you to create an entire experience that is perfect for marketing campaigns. Ensure your buyers use your company’s hashtag to increase your social media reach. 

  • Christmas-oriented email marketing campaigns: 

A special marketing campaign to symbolize the importance of Christmas and also spread the season’s joy can be a nice way to grab the attention of your buyers and make them see what you have to offer. Holiday newsletters shine a light on how relevant your brand is. The use of catchy and modern subject lines that are written on festive email templates can help you maximize your viewer engagement and boost sales. Furthermore, exclusive discounts, building up intrigue for upcoming products, etc., can help you drive conversions. Crafting engaging and interesting emails can be extremely captivating and a great Christmas sale promotion idea.

  • Creation of personalized gift guides: 

Sometimes shopping for Christmas presents can be frustrating and stressful for your buyers. Making customized gift guides that are tailor-made for your customers can help them make this process easier. You can easily collect information from your target consumers, like budget, gender, age, and interests, to create a personalized array of gifts to choose from. 

Featuring this on your social media pages and websites can help you attract your customers. You can showcase the understanding you have of your customers and their needs, thereby improving your commitment to offering the best customer experience. Gift bundles and combos can also help you make their choosing easier. 

  • Providing Christmas-themed packaging: 

The unboxing is also a part of the whole buying experience. By changing your wrapping and packing materials to represent the Christmas season’s spirit, you can create a more well-rounded experience for your buyers. The use of personalized holiday gift cards and greetings can help you personalize your experience. 

It makes your consumers feel the warmth that your business radiates as they unwrap their orders which leads to better brand loyalty and sharing on social media. It makes them feel like the whole stress of shopping for the festive season is worth it. 

  • Bundling your products into gift baskets and combos: 

By offering your products in a Christmas gift bundle to increase their appeal and desirability, you can help your customers have a more personalized shopping experience. This allows you to group discounted relevant items to offer customers a better bargain and facilitate purchases. If you own a skincare company, for example, you may make a gift set that includes hand cream, lip balm, and moisturizer. Show customers the cost savings and ease of purchasing these things all at once.

  • Christmas special coupons and giveaways: 

Host a giveaway campaign that will enable people to enter and win things relevant to Christmas. To increase visibility and interaction, encourage participants to like, comment on, and share the giveaway post on their social media profiles. 

One of the many Christmas marketing ideas you might try, for instance, if you sell clothing, is to hold a unique ‘Christmas Wardrobe Makeover’ giveaway. It may include a gift card, stylish clothing, and accessories. This will not only generate a lot of buzz about your company but also attract additional followers and increase client engagement.

As per Vouchagram’s estimates, there has been a significant boost in sales for fashion and lifestyle brands during the week leading up to Christmas. Sales have experienced a notable 21% rise compared to the week before Diwali.


Every business owner sets new objectives to meet during the holidays. As one of the most important things done throughout the holiday season is shopping and gift-giving, they try to maximize their sales rates. You can easily and quickly attract your target audience’s attention with imaginative, captivating, and pertinent marketing advertising ideas. This will increase brand awareness and, ultimately lead to more sales. 

Using strategically designed Christmas advertising ideas can help you attract the masses and maximize your gains. Business owners start looking for new and innovative ways to interact with potential customers through marketing campaigns, increase sales, and optimize earnings. Social media is a creative, cost-effective, and quick way to promote your business on Christmas. Your brand’s active presence on social media can help you create the right marketing campaigns, engage more audiences, and gain more customers.

How can I promote my brand during the holiday season?

Reach out to old customers with new offers, use email marketing and social media, leverage holiday sales and gift guides, collaborate with influencers, and host festive events to promote your business during the holiday season.

What are some Christmas ad ideas for advertising a sale?

Some Christmas ad ideas you can adopt for advertising a sale include creating Christmas packages, publishing holiday content, creating a gift guide, conducting holiday contests or giveaways, Christmas flair branding, and more.

What are some Christmas ad ideas for attracting more customers?

To attract more customers during Christmas, start marketing early and consider creating gift guides, gift collections, and countdowns. offer free shipping and promote gift cards for convenient shopping.

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