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9 Hyperlocal Delivery Services In Mumbai

sahil bajaj

Sahil Bajaj

Senior Specialist - Marketing @ Shiprocket

July 8, 2024

9 min read

One of the most profitable business models in today’s times is hyperlocal delivery. Experts project the global hyperlocal delivery market, valued at USD 1.5 trillion in 2021, to reach USD 5.9 trillion by 2031, soaring at a 14.4% CAGR between 2022 and 2031. While eCommerce is already a hit among customers due to doorstep delivery, ease of browsing products, payments, and other options, hyperlocal business models offer more rapid and reliable services.

The hyperlocal delivery model helps the customer get products in the shortest duration of time. It also targets those areas of business, where traditional eCommerce services don’t step in. For example, delivering perishable items like cooked food, cakes, etc. along with medicines, wellness products, documents, etc. are seldom made available by big eCommerce companies like Amazon and Flipkart.

Therefore, the customer relies on local shops and services in their geographical area for such products. The hyperlocal delivery model capitalises on this fact and helps local shopkeepers and sellers deliver products to their customers living in a neighbourhood area. While this means convenience for customers, it means more business opportunities for local customers. 

Hyperlocal deliveries are also a good idea because customers receive all that they want, no matter how small the product is, within the shortest amount of time, such as hours. Nearly 80% of online shoppers surveyed by Invesp want same-day shipping, while 61% of buyers want their orders within 1-3 hours of placing it, which is even faster.

Meanwhile, it is an excellent opportunity for businesses to reach out to them, especially with hyperlocal delivery services. 

For example, in Mumbai, if you want to deliver a product from Dharavi to nearby areas, you can use hyperlocal services like Borzo, Dunzo, SARAL, etc. These top-notch delivery services pick up the product on the same day and deliver it to the customer within no time. Therefore, any risks to perishable items are avoided, making them entirely safe for sellers to ship.

In case you are considering which products to ship hyper-locally in Mumbai, don’t worry, we’ve got that figured out for you as well.

Top hyperlocal delivery services in mumbai

Importance of Hyperlocal Delivery

Today, brick-and-mortar stores are not in much demand as the world has turned towards online stores to meet all their needs for day-to-day essentials. This has hit the offline stores hard, leaving them with no option other than to take their stores online. In the past five years, the number of online shoppers has spiked by 40%.

This, in turn, has increased the popularity of hyperlocal delivery services to a great extent.

The major concern for all online sellers right now is to deliver their products in the shortest period. The hyperlocal marketplace model has become the saviour for all. Hyperlocal delivery, which focuses on delivering goods and services within a limited geographical area, has seen substantial growth. 

It’s the most promising model for on-demand delivery and stands up to the market standards while appealing to most online businesses that wish to deliver products faster and cheaper. The hyperlocal delivery market is experiencing a significant expansion, and experts project it to reach US $4,681.3 million by 2030

According to a recent survey, 41% of online shoppers are ready to pay extra for same-day delivery, and about a quarter (24%) of buyers said they are willing to shell out more to receive their packages within their chosen one-or two-hour. This statistic emphasises the consumer’s shift towards convenience and speed over price. 

Hyperlocal delivery goes beyond consumer convenience to many economic and environmental benefits. It connects local businesses directly with consumers, reducing dependency on long supply chains, supporting local economies, and lowering carbon footprints. 

Moreover, technological advancements, like AI-driven route optimisation, are further adding to delivery efficiency. For instance, a study by Accenture revealed that AI-based traffic management can minimise travel times by up to 25%. This integration of advanced logistics technologies highlights the increased strategic importance of hyperlocal delivery in eCommerce and retail.

Products to Consider for Hyperlocal Delivery in Mumbai

  • Groceries

One of the most prominent goods for hyperlocal delivery is groceries. Every household requires supermarkets, and ordering it from a traditional eCommerce store is cumbersome. Moreover, even online grocery stores like Amazon Pantry seldom offer same-day delivery of goods. 

By sourcing groceries from the local grocery stores in a particular area or registering your grocery shop for hyperlocal delivery, you can quickly cater to the demands of the customer. 

  • Medicines & Wellness Products

Another category of products that you can offer is medicines and wellness products. Since many customers cannot step out of the house and need urgent drugs, hyperlocal delivery can be their rescue and convenience option. For your business, this can be an excellent opportunity to earn the customer’s loyalty and serve them in times of need.

  • Food Delivery 

Similarly, suppose you are a restaurant owner who only offers a dine-in option to the customers. In that case, hyperlocal delivery can be your chance to deliver your food to your customers’ doorsteps. Moreover, since the pandemic is reshaping our society’s habits, more and more people will prefer to opt for home deliveries. Therefore, if you reach out to these people with hyperlocal delivery services in Mumbai, you can open your business to huge profits. 

Top Hyperlocal Delivery Services in Mumbai


Borzo, known as Wefast earlier, is one of the top delivery partners for hyperlocal deliveries in Mumbai. No matter which area you are located in, Wefast can help you reach out to your customers in the neighbourhood on the go. Similarly, with its expedited delivery options, you can deliver fresh-cooked products to your customer’s doorstep while still warm. They have an easy delivery platform and low shipping rates.

Some of the features of Borzo include:

  • Easy tracking of order
  • 90-minute rapid shipping
  • Low-cost shipping rates
  • Pin code coverage up to 50 km
  • Delivers gifts, groceries, documents, etc. 


Shiprocket SARAL

SARAL is one of the top courier services for hyperlocal delivery. It is the hyperlocal delivery division of the logistics platform Shiprocket. They help deliver products to customers across 24000+ pin codes in India and 220+ locations abroad. With SARAL, Shiprocket helps small and medium shopkeepers and sellers to reach out to the customers in their neighbourhood without any hassles. It is one of the low-cost shipping services.

SARAL offers the following features:

  • Multiple delivery partners
  • COD options
  • Quick remittance
  • Multi-lingual support
  • Wide pin code coverage
  • Pick-and-drop service
  • Low-cost shipping


Dunzo Hyperlocal Delivery App

One of the most popular courier services for intracity shipping, Dunzo, has a reputed name among shippers. No matter what your needs are, Dunzo is the perfect delivery partner for your hyperlocal business. It assigns a delivery agent within 15 minutes of placing a request and then delivering it to the customer within 45 minutes. Dunzo has excellent customer support and low shipping rates. 

Dunzo lets you take advantage of the following:

  • No minimum order shipping
  • Free delivery for first-time users
  • 24*7 availability
  • Bike pool
  • Delivery of groceries, food, fruits and vegetables, gifts, medicines, etc. 



Grab is the local name in Mumbai that owns a delivery fleet that understands the city like no one else. With Grab, you can deliver your products to your neighborhood hassle-free. The company was established in 2013 and is entirely technologically enabled. With Grab, you can take your business to the next level without the hassle of investing a lot of money. 

With Grab, you can enjoy the following services:

  • Reliable intra-city delivery
  • Easy tracking
  • Delivery of food, groceries, pharmacy products, etc. 


Blowhorn is a local delivery service in Mumbai that brings intra-city logistics solutions with on-demand transportation to the city. It uses a fleet of vehicles to carry various load sizes. 

With over 40,000 drivers, this delivery app in Mumbai delivers about 50 million orders per month, most of which are same-day deliveries. They cater to categories beyond food and grocery, including different industries and essentials such as pharma, electronics, apparel, etc.

Some specialties of the delivery service app include: 

  • It makes superfast point-to-point deliveries within an 8 km range of every neighbourhood in Mumbai.
  • They offer reliable and pocket-friendly deliveries in under four hours.
  • You can make easy digital payments through UPI to avail of their services.


Pidge is a newbie among courier companies in India, offering hyperlocal delivery services in Mumbai and other major cities. It is famous for its radius-free on-demand and same-day deliveries across the city. You can also have the luxury of tamper-proof bags, special handling services for fragile items, and temperature-controlled deliveries with this delivery app in Mumbai. 

They have industry-based delivery solutions for eCommerce and retail businesses, delivery and courier companies, restaurants and cloud kitchens, bakeries, cakes and special handling, groceries and medicines, and more. 

Pick and Deliver

Pick and Deliver

Another hyperlocal delivery service in Mumbai is Pick and Deliver. The courier company offers low-cost shipping options within the city. Pick and Deliver offers both first-mile and last-mile services for businesses and helps deliver the products the same day they are dispatched. The company was founded in 2015 and has since provided convenient delivery options to sellers across B2B and B2C companies. 

Pick and deliver offers services such as:

  • First-mile delivery service
  • Last-mile delivery service
  • Warehouse and Order fulfillment
  • Reverse logistics
  • Delivery of products like custom packages, pharmacy products, etc. 


VPledge is yet another hassle-free pick-and-drop courier service in Mumbai through which you can send parcels, food items, gifts, bakery products, and even clothing at any location within the city. 

It is one of the most reasonable local services in Mumbai, with advantages such as:

  • Prompt delivery
  • A super active customer support system
  • Pricing INR 50 onward, depending on your product’s weight and delivery distance


Shadowfax is a leading name in the last-mile delivery industry in India. With their operations in about 500 cities, they cater to eCommerce, FMCG, pharmaceuticals, restaurants, and many other online deliveries. 

Special features of Shadowfax:

  • Sellers can deliver items within an 8-kilometre radius, with a maximum weight limit of 15 kilos.
  • You get many delivery options, like same-day, next-day, and hyperlocal delivery.
  • 10-minute grocery to 60-minute for pharma and food products
  • Flexible workforce and fleet management services for your retail outlet or dark store, with 2 to 12-hour models. 
  • EV solutions to electrify your fleet 


Now that you know about the top hyperlocal delivery services in Mumbai, you can start shipping with them without delays. The key is to understand the requirements of customers in your area and reach out to them extensively with your products.

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  1. Hello, We have clients across Mumbai and Navi Mumbai. And we want a delivery company who Deliveries the perishable items fast. On daily baises our foods have to deliver across Mumbai. Requesting you to please call us back soon.

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