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Speeding Up Delivery: Mastering eCommerce Shipping Speed

sahil bajaj

Sahil Bajaj

Senior Specialist - Marketing @ Shiprocket

May 16, 2024

10 min read

In a world where customers are accustomed to instant gratification, the thrill of a purchase fades away very easily. Any small factor can change their minds. they may not like your return policy or want faster shipping from you. It puts eCommerce brands in a very tough spot. 

Surprisingly, about 41% of global eCommerce shoppers hope to receive orders within 24 hours. Thus, shipping speed has become one of the top priorities for eCommerce businesses. 

But how do you achieve faster shipping speed? It requires everything from optimising warehouse operations to digital finesse. This article helps you understand how strategic planning, advanced technology, and human creativity can elevate your shipping speed to greater levels.

Boost Shipping Speed

Understanding the Significance of Expedited Shipping

A customer’s journey does not end at checkout. After the buyer sees the pop-up for ‘Order Placed Successfully’, the anticipation begins in their head. Now they’re eagerly waiting for their order to arrive. Shipping speed is no longer just a logistical detail but the very basis of repeat purchases and the prevention of cart abandonment. Today, speedy delivery is almost directly proportional to happy customers. 

Regrettably, slow shipping becomes a vulnerability in the buying journey. Consumers aren’t just purchasing a product; they’re investing in an experience. 70% of eCommerce consumers say that speed, convenience, and friendly delivery service are what matters the most. Sluggish speed can tarnish your brand’s reputation, spoil the customer’s experience, and propel people to leave the product hanging in their cart. 

The customer expectation for superfast deliveries has escalated over time. This trend has been majorly fueled by eCommerce giants like Amazon, who have set new standards with services like two-day or same-day deliveries

Consequently, optimising shipping speed using tactful strategies is similar to oiling the gears of a well-oiled machine, ensuring that every part works together effortlessly to give you the eCommerce solution you most need.

Tactics for Enhancing eCommerce Shipping Speed

Wondering how to enhance your shipping speed? Here are some strategies that can improve your delivery performance multifold: 

Enhancing Warehouse Efficiency

Maximising shipping speed hinges on optimising your warehouse operations. Here’s what you need to do; make a strategic warehouse layout, and intelligently organise and position products to minimise the retrieval time. 

You can employ certain techniques like zoning, grouping similar items, and dynamic slotting, placing frequently ordered products in easily accessible areas to attain a high level of warehouse efficiency. 

Moreover, refining picking and packing procedures, such as Incorporating systematic picking routes, batch picking, and automated picking solutions can drastically reduce the time from order receipt to shipment preparation. Getting your storage facility in high-functioning order decreases your internal travel time, and directly accelerates the shipping process. 

Leveraging Multiple Warehouse Locations

Having multiple storage locations is the perfect way to scatter your inventory and sit ready to fulfill orders from the nearest location of that warehouse. What it does is; it cuts your transit time as you position the products closer to your customers.

This method hinges on the idea of proper inventory distribution by understanding the customer demographics and buying patterns. The items that sell more in a specific area must be stored in a nearby facility to that location. It makes the items swiftly available and ready for quick dispatch.

This delivery model not only increases your shipping speed but also curtails shipping costs. So, it’s a win-win situation for both customers and eCommerce retailers. 

Deploying Sophisticated Order Processing Software

Streamline your entire workflow by incorporating advanced order processing software. It can optimise all your operations from order placement to shipment readiness. When you handle the complex shipping process manually, it can have errors and be time-consuming. 

So, automating the system will minimise delays due to manual functioning, and accelerate tasks like order entry, invoice generation, inventory checks, and shipping label creation with superior efficiency and precision.

The advantages of using such software are abundant—expedited shipping speed, enhanced accuracy, reduced manual effort, and better customer satisfaction through swift deliveries.

Choosing the Perfect Shipping Allies

Picking the right shipping partner is like assembling a puzzle; each piece must fit the picture perfectly to execute a successful delivery at flash speed. According to a report, 55% of eCommerce buyers will switch to a competing brand if it provides a faster delivery service.

So, go for a shipping company that has profound experience in the industry, offers a vast geographic reach, and caters to multiple fast delivery options, like expedited and overnight shipping. The shipping speed, accuracy, and reliability become an invaluable asset for your business. 

Evaluating Diverse Shipping Methods and Choices

Your cargo may take more time travelling on wheels than while flying. Transporting your goods through the land route can be quite pocket-friendly, but it’s not the best propellant for speed. So, here comes air shipping as your ally for expedited shipping and speedy deliveries across long distances. 

You may have to pay a premium for this service, but shipping cargo via air slashes your transit times drastically. 61% of online shoppers express that a same-day delivery option would make them more loyal to the brand providing it. 

Air shipping is the perfect option for last-minute or urgent deliveries when your customers can’t wait to receive their orders.  

Training Team Members

Training your team members with the right skills is a big and fruitful investment because it gives them the expertise and acumen to run the show effortlessly. Their knowledge makes a major difference when it comes to speeding up the shipping process. They become self-sufficient and capable enough to make informed decisions and even tackle problems during the shipping process. 

You can teach them how to leverage cutting-edge warehouse management software, or master inventory management intricacies and useful packing techniques. This kind of training makes them more productive. 

Establishing Processing SLAs

Service Level Agreements (SLAs) within eCommerce can help your customers understand your service levels, especially when it comes to shipping speed. These agreements are a useful tool as they help set transparent expectations for both sellers and customers. It creates an environment of trust, consistency, and dependability in eCommerce fulfillment

Following your SLAs shows the customer that you are true to your word and process orders and deliver in designated timeframes. The customer can then trust you more and is bound to have a satisfying buying experience.

Prepare for Peak Seasons

The eCommerce peak season brings both opportunities and challenges for retailers. The order volumes surge in this period, and hence you need a more aggressive shipping strategy to deal with this influx. So, anticipating these peak demand periods, like festivals, in advance helps you sustain your shipping speed and effectiveness of delivery. 

This way you can make solid contingency plans to manage the overwhelming rush of orders. You can use strategies like proactive inventory management and a strong supply chain that guarantees sufficient stock to meet the skyrocketing demand.

Providing Seamless Tracking Convenience

Real-time tracking is the biggest reassurance to a retailer and a customer throughout the delivery process. Both parties stay updated with the status of the shipment with such advanced tracking technology in place. 

When you regularly inform the customer about their order, you keep them in the loop and make the whole delivery experience interactive for them. It enhances the customers’ trust and confidence in your business and transparency in the whole process, which also uplifts your brand’s value and image. 

Utilising Data Analysis for Process Enhancement

Data analytics is a game changer in speeding up shipping operations as it transforms information into actionable intelligence. You can collect and look deeply into the shipping and logistics data, which helps you uncover patterns, see bottlenecks, and seize improvement opportunities within your shipping process

There are many methods for gathering this crucial data: tracking shipping durations, monitoring delivery success rates, and scrutinising customer feedback on shipping experiences.

These advanced analytics are succinct at observing historical trends and giving you useful insights, like optimal shipping routes, top-performing shipping partners, and even predictive models for future shipping demands. It can positively impact your decision-making, amplifying your operational efficiency.

Did you know? Almost 45% of eCommerce shoppers expect a two-day delivery window at maximum and are likely to abandon carts if the fulfillment is not speedy enough.

Moreover, after encountering delays in receiving orders, most online shoppers switch brands. About 69% of eCommerce buyers are less likely to come back to your online store if their order is not delivered within the promised delivery date. It becomes tough to retain your existing customers after they have a bad delivery experience with you.

So, here are a few strategies that can help you overcome delays in shipping:

Stay in Touch with Customers

Consistently update your customers about any delays that might occur while shipping. Give them a heads up as to why their order will arrive slightly late. After doing that, please provide them with some lucrative discounts or special deals on their current or future purchases to make them feel better.

Assume Full Responsibility

Although some customers may be understanding, others might take it personally and voice their grievances on social media platforms by leaving bad reviews. In any case, you must take full responsibility for the delay and issue a formal apology to save the grace.

Track and Monitor Your Orders

It’s essential for you to vigilantly track your shipments once they’re dispatched from the storage facility. You may encounter a few setbacks on the way occasionally, but shipping partners have immaculate resolutions and quick fixes. 

Use Diverse Logistics Partners

There are numerous stages in the supply chain, and each of them demands distinct processes. Therefore, you must use multiple logistics partners for efficiency in your eCommerce operations and faster shipping speed. Taking this wise step leaves you with contingency or backup options when one service provider faces difficulties, which helps you avoid any delays. 

Unlocking Speed: How Shiprocket Enables Expedited Shipping?

Are you ready to unlock super quick eCommerce deliveries? Shiprocket is your ticket to a resourceful online business journey. They support you at every step, from order to delivery!

Lakhs of customers trust them to streamline their customer experiences with high shipping speed. With over 2.5 lakh merchants nationwide, Shiprocket power an impressive ₹30K Crore annual GMV with about 20 Crore transactions every year.

Shiprocket has a multi-courier network that spans 24,000+ pin codes. They successfully deliver every order, even in the remotest of locations. Their AI-based courier selection helps you manage all your channels effortlessly.

If you’re worried about costs, Shiprocket helps lower your B2B and cargo shipping expenses by up to 40%, putting more profit back in your pocket.

Need speedy intra-city deliveries? Shiprocket’s team of experienced courier partners can make that happen as well for you in hours, not days.

Join hands with Shiprocket as they give you the roadmap to optimise your shipping process, delight your customers, and see your business soar to new heights.


Adding fire to your shipping speed is a sure shot way of winning your customers’ hearts and loyalty these days. More than an expense, it’s an investment in your brand’s future. When you delight your customers with unmatched customer service and deliver their orders as quick as possible to their doorsteps, they keep coming back to your eCommerce store. The soaring and sometimes even unrealistic delivery-time expectations of buyers put much pressure on brands to optimise their shipping process completely. Using the right strategies to expedite your shipping will help you navigate the competitive world of quick commerce.

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