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Amazon SEO Strategies in 2024

June 16, 2022

8 min read

Amazon is a money-making platform that salespeople cannot overlook, the level of competition now is off the charts. Entrepreneurs need to go the extra mile and hope they remain ahead of their competitors by employing the best possible Amazon product SEO strategies.

Amazon SEO Strategy: How to Optimize a Product Listing

Quality and relevancy are the secret components to success on the platform. Creating the finest possible product listing on your website is the best approach to get things started.

Increased click-through rates (the number of individuals that click on your listings) and conversion rates arise from an optimised product listing (the number of people who purchase your products). To do so, you’ll need to be able to write excellent sales writing, shoot high-quality product photographs, and run a fantastic PPC campaign.

1. Writing a Killer Amazon Sales Copy

A persuasive sales copy is, without a doubt, a killer sales copy. Customers despise sales language, therefore sales copy on other platforms may be ineffectual for consumption. It’s a different tale in the Amazon Marketplace. Your target audience is eager to buy things right now, so a well-written sales copy can set you apart from the competition.

The following critical elements should typically be included in an optimal sales copy:

  1. Product Title

As the first piece of text, your customers will read on your product listing, the product title should be straightforward and contain the most crucial information about your item. Amazon Seller Central uploaded style guides to help sellers structure their titles better, and a well-crafted title normally provides the product’s unique characteristics and benefits.

While product titles highly depend on what type of product is being sold, entrepreneurs generally include the following details: 

  • Brand 
  • Model type and number 
  • Product type
  • Size and quantity
  • Power output requirements 
  • Colour 
  • Design
  • Trademarks or patents (if necessary) 

It’s important to note that each product type has a corresponding Amazon title formula, so you cannot randomly mix these details on your title. For instance, Amazon suggests the following templates for these popular product types:  

  • Kitchenware: Brand + Model Name + Model Number + Size + Product Type
  • TV Sets: Brand + Model Name + Product Type + Color
  • DVD Players: Brand + Model Name + Size + Product Type + Screen Type
  • Jewelry: Brand + Product Category + Sex + Metal Variation + Shape + Material + Product Type
  • Video Games: Brand + Product Type + Type of Platform

By optimizing your product title, you will immediately catch your customers’ attention and increase your business’s likelihood of producing sales.

2. Product Description 

Since Amazon is an entirely online platform, the only way that entrepreneurs can make a sales pitch to customers is through a clear product description. Think of it as an opportunity to persuade the customers with the right words in time for their purchasing decision. Below are some of our Amazon SEO tips on how you can optimize this part of your product listing:

  • Do not rewrite. A well-crafted product description does not merely mimic what was written in the product title, but expands on its details and makes the benefits a focal point of the text. 
  • Tell a story. If you want to take it to another level, feel free to tell a story of how exactly the products came into existence. It is a real-life testimonial about the product that presents a unique viewpoint on why people need it in the first place.  
  • Make it readable. Customers on Amazon typically hate reading large chunks of text, so you have to make your product description as concise as possible. We recommend maintaining three lines for each paragraph and separating them using the line break HTML code.
  • Utilize Amazon SEO tools. The product description tab has a set of tools to choose from, including the ability to put bullet points, lists, and bold/italicize/underline texts. Take advantage of these tools to make your descriptions stand out.

Product descriptions provide an avenue for you to talk to your target audience. Why not make the most out of them?

3. Bullet points

Bullet points are yet another way to make a compelling case to your target audience that they should purchase your product. As a matter of fact, most Amazon customers prefer reading concise bullet points over lengthy descriptions. So it shouldn’t come as a surprise that they contribute positively to a business’ increase in conversion rates

We have compiled a summarized list of what you can do to write bullet points that convert:

  • Outline. It’s your job as an entrepreneur to make sure bullet points are written differently from your title and description. Instead of being straightforward or telling a story, make a clear outline of the product’s best attributes.
  • Focus on one benefit per bullet point. An excellent way to entice your audience is to write an individual advantage per bullet. For example, instead of writing “Easy to use, high-quality” in one bullet, you can separate them into two for better readability.
  • Be aware of the limits. Amazon product listings have a limit of 200 characters per bullet point, so make sure your highlights are compact but still loaded with important information.

Every time a product listing has a formally-structured and compelling set of bullet points, it will always have the upper hand over other listings on the platform

2. Taking High-Quality Product Photos

High-quality product photos are valuable visual information that Amazon entrepreneurs can provide for their customers since people are naturally drawn to visual imagery more than other types of content. Despite this seemingly obvious fact, a vast majority of sellers on the platform still fail to realize just how vital product photography is in achieving favourable results. 

Good product photography doesn’t only mean taking photos of your Amazon items. It utilizes specific techniques to showcase your products and make a statement to your audience. 

To achieve this, you need to follow these essential tips:

5. Take high-resolution images and find the right lighting

Before you start taking your product photos, consider investing in a high-resolution camera for optimal image quality. Your most crucial goal with product photography is to ensure each product will be displayed in its best visual condition. Avoid taking blurry or low-quality photos, or you might end up losing customers. 

Another important factor is adequate lighting on your product. Most high-quality photos either have a natural light backdrop (with generally soft tones) or artificial lighting, with reflectors and lightboxes. While the appropriate lighting depends on what products you have, your end goal should always be to make your products look better for your audience.

6. Use a white background

Most product photos on the Amazon platform are taken with a white background for a self-explanatory reason. It eliminates all possible distractions and allows the camera to zero in on the product completely. A white background can also give your product listing added professionalism, which is beneficial since Amazon customers prefer visually credible photos as their primary option.

However, it is also important to note that not all products look well with a white background. As stated in the previous section, some items are more aesthetically pleasing with a naturally lit backdrop. Experiment with your product photos and change your environment until you get the best outcome.

7. Take photos from multiple angles

As an Amazon entrepreneur, it is your responsibility to take your customers by hand and give them a visual tour of your product. Think of yourself as a museum tour guide. Since your audience will not be able to physically see or touch the product, an alternative trick to convince them is by taking photos from multiple angles.

These photos should showcase a combination of your product’s exterior and interior look. For instance, if you’re selling sports apparel on the Amazon Marketplace, try taking photos of your products from afar, up close (to display the material used), and when worn. 

The most successful Amazon entrepreneurs understand that product photography is essential to master how to do SEO for Amazon products. While there are multiple ways to take product photos properly, an excellent way to start optimizing your listing is to take a high-quality resolution

A Final Word

While there is no magic trick to formulate the perfect Amazon SEO strategy, taking the time to learn the SEO process’s foundational concepts is already a significant step toward your eCommerce success. We know this SEO masterclass won’t make you an instant Amazon SEO expert overnight, but we hope it can arm you with the knowledge you need to get on the right track. 

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