How to Improve eCommerce Shipping & Delivery Performance

Strategies to Improve eCommerce Shipping Experience

As eCommerce business can’t process without implementing shipping and delivery process in place, it is imperative that lots of thoughts and attention are paid to this aspect. Perhaps the crux of a well-developed online business depends on the right shipping. Unless you deliver the products on time and in perfect condition to the customer, you can never expect to earn the goodwill and prosper. While a lot of strategies are applied by eCommerce companies to have a foolproof shipping and delivery process in place, here are some basic approaches that companies may follow to improve their shipping experience. These will not only reduce costs but also add to the impression in front of customers.

Select the right shipping and delivery channel

You need to have a proper shipping and delivery channel in place. Based on your business objectives and the reach, you need to come up with the shipping channel. For example, if your business is concentrated within a specific geographic location, you can have your own logistics team to ship and deliver the product to the customers. However, in case of distant and vast locations, you may want to opt for a third party shipping or courier agency. Most of the premier eCommerce companies have third party vendors who deliver the products on their behalf. However, it is important to opt for reputed courier agencies who would professionally deliver the goods. Moreover, negotiate the budget with them and try to get the best deals.

Opt for the latest delivery channels

The change in technology has brought about advancements in almost all sectors and eCommerce is also one of them. We now have some innovative and highly advanced shipping platforms that enable you to make the shipping quickly and more effectively. If your budget permits, you can opt for advanced delivery processes, such as drone delivery, droid delivery and so on. Big Data has also become quite popular when it comes to shipping and delivery management and records.

Have a proper shipping insurance

One of the most effective ways to improve your shipping process is to have a proper shipping insurance. This makes you immune against undue emergencies in the delivery process. There may be lots of instances, such as damage, theft, undue returns and so on that may add to your expenditure. By having a proper shipping insurance in place, you can reduce these undue costs. There are lots of financial agencies that offer shipping insurance policies. Do a comparison of the policies and opt for the one that provides you the best cover and benefits.

Set proper shipping terms and conditions

Setting the right terms and conditions help reduce undue expenditure and also improve the overall shipping. Moreover, it maintains transparency from the point of view of both the seller and customer. Some of the terms and conditions that you need to set are:

  • Provide a proper delivery date to the customer.
  • Have a written contract with the third party courier and shipping agency.
  • Have proper returns policies for the product.
  • Have a proper shipping policy (for example, offering free delivery over a certain amount) for products.

By implementing the above strategies, you can improve your shipping experience and increase your profits in an online business.


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