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6 Amazon Product Research Tips to Use in 2024

September 27, 2022

4 min read

What Is Amazon Product Research?

Amazon Product Research searches for “promising” products, or those that might produce big sales, by analysing existing market trends. The objective is to find products you can buy for a reasonable deal and resell for a profit at competitive prices. 

Why Do You Need To Do A Product Research? 

The first and most crucial step in the beginning as an Amazon seller is discovering a good product. If they don’t create private label goods that are in high demand and have a little rivalry, those who research FBA will never start. Amazon has developed to the point where it no longer fits to add a stylish logo and make custom packaging. It is essential to understand that the present marketplace, defined by an increase in sellers and more strict selling laws, will not operate with those old methods of finding products.

List the best-selling product and analyze the situation carefully to determine whether sales of related products are adequate. This step is so important because you will never want to sell something that someone else isn’t even looking for.

The next step is to look at the products’ statistics, such as sales, reviews, and keyword search volume, after creating a list of possibly profitable products. Choose things that have lots of chances, lots of demand, and little competition.

Elements Of An Amazing Product Opportunity

  • Choose a product that performs better than your competitors.
  • Look for things that can be sold annually and aren’t reliant on seasonal demand.
  • Always choose lightweight and compact products for easy delivery and storage.
  • Never pick up products with legal issues or trademarks.

Conducting Product Research On Amazon

There are various ways that will help you to conduct good product research on Amazon. Below are some of the methods of the same:

1. Manual Method

The manual approach is straightforward but takes the longest and requires the most effort. It includes searching the bestseller list and observing market trends.

2. Automatic Method

The automated approach makes use of tools that conduct the research for you. Fortunately, many excellent tools are available for product research; you only need to seek them. If you don’t want to spend large amounts of money, there are also perfect free solutions available.

3. Reliable Suppliers

As an Amazon seller, having dependable suppliers is essential because without constant access to the materials you need to create your goods, what are you expected to do? Finding a supplier who meets your demands is essential for your business.

4. Online Marketplaces

Nowadays,  online supply businesses can fulfill almost every seller’s needs. Finding suppliers who adhere to certain principles is not difficult, even if you are a seller who wants to support businesses that share those values. 

5. Optimise Product Listings

When conducting product research, you should always consider what makes your product and related ones appealing, starting with your product listing. How can you persuade a prospective consumer to choose to spend their hard-earned money on your product?

Here are a few common tips to remember:

  • Always have a descriptive title for your product.
  • Provide complete information and the features of the product.
  • Upload correct and full images of the product.
  • Highlight the major attraction of your product.

6. Product Categories To Avoid

Not all goods are created the same if you intend to sell products under your brand. Selecting complex items like cameras, photos, artworks, household appliances, etc., is not advised.

Products with production and delivery complications should be avoided because they ultimately result in the most significant challenges over time. The main reasons for this are the liabilities, quality assurance, refunds, and customer feedback connected to large-scale commodities.

There is risk involved with whatever you put “in” or “on” your body, including food, creams, lotions, and dietary supplements. Therefore, it is wise to ignore such products.


Conducting Product Research on Amazon can be a rewarding yet complex undertaking. Even within a relatively narrow sector, competition is undoubtedly high, given the variety of products offered on the website. In reality, becoming a successful Amazon  Product Researcher needs more than just offering high-quality products. Additionally, you must pay great attention to the website and its data and learn how to make the most of both. And you may achieve these goals with the use of a product research tool.

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