What Is Cross-Docking? 4 Reasons Why You Must Opt for It

In a competitive market scenario, it is always advisable to adopt ways that increase efficiency and augment customer satisfaction. Cross-docking is one such logistics strategy that reduces delays in shipping and restricts the use of warehouse.

The inventory associated with warehousing is almost eliminated with cross-docking. In supply chain mechanism warehousing plays a significant role which adds to cost component and diminishes competitive advantage.

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Shopping Cart Abandonment

This Is Why Buyers Abandon Shopping Carts

In terms of e-commerce, shopping cart abandonment refers to the process wherein the customer adds items to the shopping cart and decides not to buy them at the last moment. In simple terms, it is like putting the products into the shopping bag but taking them out again during the time of payment.

No doubt it is an unpleasant experience for the online retailer as it reduces the profit margin. In fact, it is extremely common for customers to abandon their shopping carts in e-commerce. There can be different reasons why customers do so. Having an idea of these reasons can help retailers to add more customer-friendly features to their e-commerce store thereby reducing abandonment.

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Best eCommerce Pricing Strategies

Best eCommerce Pricing Strategies For Growth

Like any other business, the main motive of an eCommerce business is to maximise profits through maximum reach and reception. While from the customer’s point of view; the main motive is to get the best products at affordable rates. This is where an effective pricing strategy comes into play.

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Mobile Commerce Best Practices

Mobile Commerce Best Practices For Success

With the advent of the mobile phone, eCommerce has taken a completely new turn. It has brought about a new era into the way people shop nowadays. Forget computers, now it is possible to buy your favorite products on your phone. To cater to the ongoing demand, almost all eCommerce giants have introduced apps or mobile sites from where it is possible to buy.

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International Speed Post - India Post

How Does International Speed Post Work?

International Speed Post, also referred to as EMS is a premium service brought to you by India Post. EMS deals with international postal delivery and courier services. It is quite popular among masses for fast delivery, cost-effectiveness and tracking services for documents and merchandise. 

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