5 order management software to help you sell better

Top 5 Order Management Systems to Help you Manage Orders Effectively

When you run an eCommerce business, the orders you receive are the epicenters for generating revenue! Hence, you cannot afford to miss out on even one of the incoming orders on your eCommerce website or marketplace. When you are starting, it is alright to manage incoming orders manually. But once you begin receiving around 50 orders a day, it gets difficult to manually keep track of the SKUs and quantities of each order. This is where order management comes into play! Let’s dig deeper to understand this aspect of the order fulfillment chain and learn about order management systems (OMS) that make this process easier for you. 

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Brief comparison of the prepaid and postpaid shipping model

Explained: The Difference Between Shiprocket’s Prepaid & Postpaid Payment Model

When it comes to eCommerce shipping, there are various solutions out there that claim smooth shipping for their customers. But there are only a few that can offer you seamless shipping while maintaining steady cash flow. Shiprocket is one of them! With Shiprocket, you do not only get simplified shipping with 17+ courier partners, but you also get the flexibility to pay according to your convenience. Yes! You read that right. You get the option of managing your payments and also maintain your cash flow. To understand how you can do this better, let’s understand Shiprocket’s prepaid and postpaid model closely.

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How is Google AdWords useful for eCommerce

Beginner’s Guide to Google AdWords for eCommerce Marketing

In order to become a successful online seller, you must attract customers to your store. But in this over-competitive eCommerce market, how will you be able to do so? Today, various paid and organic marketing strategies can help you improve visibility online and increase conversions. Google Adwords is one of them. With this article, let’s see what Google Adwords is and how you can utilize it for your business goals. Read on:

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Techniques to optimize inventory management

Top 5 Ways To Optimize Inventory Management For Faster Deliveries

With the ever-evolving landscape of the eCommerce industry, Amazon-Esque delivery experience has become a need of the hour. Buyers perennially crave for faster deliveries and instantaneously write-off those who lag. But is it that easy? If you analyze each process and cater to as an individual unit, there is a good chance you will be able to optimize your order fulfillment process by a good margin. To begin optimization, you have to start with inventory management as it is the starting point of your order fulfillment chain. Let’s find out how you can optimize your inventory management process to provide faster deliveries.

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Closer look at last mile delivery

Key Challenges in First-Mile and Last-Mile Delivery for eCommerce

When we talk about eCommerce shipping in India, the two major challenges faced by the sellers are first-mile and last-mile deliveries. Even though they are the vital aspects that begin and end the process, they are the most troublesome to deal with. In this blog, you will precisely understand these challenges for their simplification and ultimately, better administration of the supply chain.

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