Methods to increase AOV

10 Ways To Increase Your Average Order Value (AOV)

eCommerce is catching pace in India. New stores are coming up by the minute, and all of them have one aim – sell more! But, how will you make your mark in the industry and persuade your customers to buy more from you? Whatever approach you take your goal is to increase the overall sales for your store. Most sellers tend to digress from this idea and begin prioritizing other things over growing sales. With this blog, let’s back to the basics and see how you can improve your average order value.

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anaytics for making informed decisions

Guide To Shipping Analytics: How To Make Informed Decisions About Logistics

Shipping analytics is an integral, but often an ignored form of reporting in any eCommerce business. Reasons for this are many. It could be due to the lack of proper shipping analytics software, incorrect reporting, etc. Nevertheless, the numbers that churn up are no less than gold for your eCommerce business. They give you detailed insights and guide you when making important decisions like choosing a courier partner, shipping a package on priority, etc. 

Therefore, to simplify analytics for you, Shiprocket provides you with additional analytics that it draws from all your past shipments. Let’s see what you get and how it can be useful for your business.

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How Unified Order Tracking Is A Boon For eCommerce Businesses

Let’s say you are an eCommerce seller. You sell a tea set on Amazon and ship it via Delhivery. Then, you sell coasters on your website with Shopify and end up shipping them through Ecom Express. Also, you sell other material like wiping cloth, tea set cases, etc. on the Facebook marketplace, and ship those via Bluedart.

What now? You end up with three different courier tracking details and pages. Ultimately you keep on browsing multiple websites and check the status of your shipped parcels on three different platforms. Isn’t it tiring?

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Make Your eCommerce Shipping Accessible With Shiprocket’s Mobile App

In today’s fast-paced world, there is a mobile application for everything. Want to order food? There are a hundred apps out there. Moreover, the guys who deliver your food have a separate app to coordinate with the company. Why not? That small application icon makes your life so much easier. You can carry it with yourself everywhere and use it just anywhere! 

Your eCommerce operations deserve no less. Order fulfillment is crucial for your business and its profits. Hence, to make things easier Shiprocket has created its iOS and Android applications. Dig in deeper to see the importance and utility of these applications.

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Why does your business need a shipping insurance

Shipping Insurance – Key To Secure eCommerce Shipping

Insurance has become a common term these days. Most people get their cars and home insured. There are life and health insurance. Moreover, today, you can even get your phone insured.

Well, they’re all valuable materials so, why not? Similarly, the products you ship are also equally useful assets for your business. Their security shouldn’t be kept in the background. 

Let’s have a closer look at eCommerce shipping insurance and why it is absolutely necessary for your business. 

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